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Which Social Media Website is Best for Your Business?

Online businesses are all the craze and online advertising is the way to go in today’s digital age.  As I begin to advertise for my growing online business, I began my journey down the rabbit hole that is social media.  There are so many websites on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In – the list goes on and on.  However, I find myself asking… which of these sites are really important to me and my business?

I am going to share what I have found in my research of the top social media websites out there today and what demographic each appeals to.

One of the top websites, as you probably guessed it… Facebook!  It is used by basically everyone (even mom and dad). Their advertising platform is well developed and is user-friendly.  So Facebook seems to be for everyone and is the best to begin your business on social media.  Just take your profile and add a page for your business and you’ll see results!

The next website is Instagram because of its appeal to younger audiences it is a millennial’s paradise.  While Instagram is mainly comprised of photos, there have been many features recently added to the platform. Some great features are the store where you can add tags of prices to pictures and links in the bio where you can put your business or blog’s website.  You can also buy likes and followers to get instant followers and increase traffic to your Instagram in order to create some buzz.

After the two top dogs (both owned by Facebook), comes Pinterest.  This started out mainly for crafty things but has grown into almost every category from wedding planning and interior design to teaching ideas and fashion.  Pinterest is mostly comprised of women so if your business or blog is not targeted towards women then it may not be the right fit for you.

The next website on the list, which was a bit surprising to me, was Snapchat.  I have never used Snapchat so I was shocked that this was listed above YouTube.  However, this is for a younger audience so if you are targeting more of the older professional type I would look elsewhere.

Following Snapchat was YouTube.  I thought this would be at the top of the list, but this site has over 30 million users daily and is a great platform for vlogging or showing your customers what exactly you do.  This is great because you can upload tons of interesting videos and show off your talent!  It is free advertising as well.

After YouTube fell both Twitter and Linked In.  Twitter is great because you can use it to find your customers through the #Hashtag system.  Linked In is very much for the professional.  This platform is focused on businesses and finding people to hire.

In the end, it is best to be on more than one site.  So look at your options and make the best cocktail of social media sites you can in order to get your message out there to the right people, whoever that may be.