How to Build Social Media Presence for a Business

Social media has opened the door to many businesses creating platforms to reach a larger set of consumers than ever before.  According to Social Media Today, Americans spend 5 years and 4 months on social media in their lifetime.  It is ranked the second most time- consuming activity just below watching TV.

This has led to a fierce competition to be relevant to all of the social media websites.  How does one become relevant? Many small business owners or starter companies are often scratching their heads trying to figure it out.

One of the key aspects to becoming and staying relevant online is having a large online presence usually measured through followers on a variety of social media sites including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.  These outlets allow companies to advertise for free or extremely cheap in comparison to television or the newspaper and can lead to a boost in sales.  However, where there are no followers there will be no profit.

How can a company build its followers? There are 5 helpful tips and tricks to increase your following on social media.

  1. Connect all your sites

Some customers may prefer Facebook, while others may look on Instagram more.  Try to encourage customers to follow all the social media sites for the business.  This will show more people on all of the sites and create the appearance of a larger following, rather than separating them by a site.

  1. The power of the right #Hashtag

A #Hashtag is a useful tool to bring in new followers on Instagram because it allows people to find content related to a specific topic. If the #Hashtag is related to the content of the site and a popular search topic, then it can drive traffic to a business’ page.  So use meaningful hashtags to create the traffic flow that is appropriate and will highlight the business and its services.

  1. Keep relevant

Today, keeping relevant is difficult with constant updating and changes happening minute by minute.  This is why it is vital to ensure that content is constantly being updated and new information is being posted.  Another great way to stay relevant is to answer the questions of comments with customers or followers.  When someone feels heard or valued they will return.

  1. Know the audience

While keeping relevant is vital and have a large following is the goal, it must be the right following.  The proper audience must be appealed to in order to ensure the product or service will be purchased.

  1. Use Influencers

At times, especially at the beginning of a company’s life, it can be difficult to organically create a following on social media.  Influencers and other services like buying Instagram followers and/or likes are a great way to get that initial influx of people seeing the sites.

With so much time spent on social media and so many options to grow a larger audience online, there is no reason why your company can’t become a success.