What Instagram Features Can Help Your Business Grow?

As online advertising becomes more vital to the success and growth of a company or business, many owners are looking at social media as a free or cheap advertisement.  One of the most popular sites being used by many small businesses with great success is Instagram. What are some of the features this platform provides that can help a business grow Instagram followers?  There are many options to buy Instagram likes or followers, but in addition, there are features that can be used to optimize Instagram to create growth in sales.  The following are 6 features of Instagram that can help your business advance in the world of social media.

  1. Shoppable Posts

Shoppable Posts allow business accounts to advertise merchandise on Instagram by showing not only a picture of the product but also the price. It’s simple, just choose a photo, click on the item to tag, and tag a price! This feature can help customers shop without having to go onto other websites and can transform followers into customers with just one click.

  1. IGTV

IGTV is a great feature for a business because it allows the site to share longer vertical videos with its audience.  This creates opportunities for Q&A’s, explanations of what a business does, and lets customers see the owner or employee in action!  This feature shows new prospective customers the product or service and can generate sales.

  1. Stories Ads

Instagram Stories Ads is another great way to advertise products or services.  This creates an ad that runs 15 seconds long that followers can see between each post.  A business can advertise and create hype around an event, product, or service for free.

  1. Seeing Followers Liked Posts

It has never been easier to get into a customer’s mind and see exactly what they like. You can already see customers’ recently liked photos or stories which give great ideas of exactly what consumers are looking for and what will appeal to your audience.

  1. Delete Comments

Every company has had a disgruntled employee or dissatisfied customer before.  Usually, those with a bad experience are the most vocal and can seriously damage a reputation that takes so long to build.  Social media is the first place an angry person will go to vent and their negative comments might wind up on a business’ feed.  Luckily, these negative comments can be deleted.

  1. Funnel Traffic to Your Website

One of the great features is the photostream.  The right picture can attract a person and lure them in.  When a future customer looks at the description, be sure to direct the reader to the bio where he or she can click on the link to the business’ website.  This can get a website more views and increase sales.

Social media is an integral part of the average American’s day.  Most Americans spend their time on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.  Many businesses have been capitalizing on these sites for years so why not start now?